Saturday, July 30, 2011

Too cute! a set of four t-shirts for toddler girls

I still feel like there is a HUGE lack of decent teen, child and toddler clothing out there, mind you these aren't much, but at least they are something cute, available for everyday and sleepwear, not enabled for random, files are clearly named so you can ditch what you don't want, enjoy!



Thursday, July 28, 2011

Domo nation! a set of six Domo t shirts for kids

I decided to learn how to create clothing, and I decided to start out with the simplest thing that I could create, so I came up with this set of six Domo t shirts for kids(Yup, I'm a weird adult who loves Domo(LOL).

Enabled for both genders, the stencil is not recolorable(like the original EA shirt) only available as everyday and sleepwear, no random either, each file is clearly labeled, so you can discard what you don't want, enjoy!



Monday, July 25, 2011

Sign of the times, a set of female to male conversions from various expansions

Okay, so I got really bored today, and decided to convert some EA hairstyles and 1 pair of glassed for males, I was inspired by Daluved1 and Omegastarr's many fantastic creations(oh, and those tops by Hard Candy)

So today I bring you four EA hairstyles(I'm almost positive that you need the expansion packs for these to show up)and 1 pair of funky glasses from Generations,all converted to males, the stylist ponytail and updo from Ambitions, the cute little updo from Late Night, the Cleopatra beaded hair from World Adventures and the NPC french maid hat from the basegame.

Credit goes to Omegastarr, Daluved1 and Hard Candy for the clothing used in the previews, and PralineSims for the lipgloass, I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do, both Sims3pack and package in each RAR.

I would also like to say that these are NOT enabled for random, so don't worry about townies, NPC's or even your Sim kids growing up or being spawned by the game wearing these hairdos and glasses.

My blonde model, Savannah, is modeling both the Ambitions updo and Generations glasses.

Oh, and anyone is free to retexture these hairstyles, they are just the original EA textures and would probably look nice with a better texture, just give me credit for the conversion.

World Adventures Cleopatra:

NPC French maid:

Ambitions stylist updo:

Ambitions stylist sweep:

Generations funky glasses:

Goth wings, a set of two winged tattoos

Yup, I am freakin obsessed with winged tattoo designs(I might get one in real life someday, who knows?)Anyway here is a small set of two winged tattoos made specifically to go across the shoulders, so they will look fairly awful placed anywhere else(LOL).

The first one is 1 channel recolorable and the second is 3 channels, enjoy!



More tribal! a set of six random tribal tattoos

Random is good, right? Right now I'm on a whole tribal tattoo kick(some could call it a fetish, ha-ha!)Either way, here are six lovely random tribal tattoos for your Sims, the two winged designs were designed to go over the shoulders, so they are likely to look pretty funky anywhere else, the other designs were made for smaller parts of the body.

As usual, 1 channel recolorable, custom thumbnail, enjoy!



Simply not worthy, a set of 4 paintings by the artist Jean Michel Basquiat

As the title says, I am not worthy, simply not worthy! These are 4 paintings by the BRILLIANT neo-expressionist American artist Jean Michel Basquiat, who began his life as a New York city graffiti artist, and then rose to fame in the art world in the 1980's.

It was so hard for me to pick just four paintings, because all of them are brilliant, once again, cloned from the hideous High End Loft green painting, enjoy!