Monday, October 3, 2011

This has bothered me for a long time! High End Loft stuff texture edit, no blue!

Just as the title suggests, this has bothered me for oh so long! Why on earth did EA goof up perfectly nice furniture with poorly chosen textures?!!! I could never use this set, because of that little swatch of perpetual blue!

So, after I learned the basics of texture editing, I removed it,on the beds the "stripe"now just takes on/shows the color of your chosen bedding, and the chair and desk have the handy dandy option of recoloring in a nice monotone color or a wild color duo.

As an added bonus I changed the texture of the vibrating heart bed that also came in the SP, no more perpetual red curtain, I know, I know, I may receive some chiding for not making the top heart recolor able in a separate channel, but I thought everyone would enjoy it the way it is, I know I do!

These are object clones, meaning that they will not replace anything in the game, feel free to upload with your lots but please leave a link to my blog in your upload, and please, no claiming as your own!

I did not alter the meshes in any way, because quite frankly, I like them, I just fixed the textures.

Both package and Sims3pack in one RAR:



Single bed:

Double bed:

Heart bed:

Combined package file: