Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The first(and usually quite lame)blog post

Hey all, welcome to my new blog, Poking The Sun with Your Fingers! I have no idea where I got the title for my blog, I guess it was just the first thing I thought of this morning(kinda disturbing, huh?).

Anyhoo, this is my new place on the web to post my CC creations, after years of downloading lovely CC from The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 communities I decided to give it a shot myself, I am also a perfectionist who lives in fear when it comes to breaking other people's games, so I will not upload anything that I have not actually used and tested EXTENSIVELY in my own game.

My uploads for the time being will be a buttload of artwork for your Sims 3 game, I still have The Sims 2 installed, so I may as well create some things for that game too.

My general terms of use are simple, feel free to use anything that I create in uploaded worlds or lots with proper credit, the worlds and lots can even be uploaded on a pay site(as long as your creation is free)and of course you can upload the worlds and lots to The Sims, I really don't care what happens to this stuff, just don't claim that you made it.

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