Saturday, September 10, 2011

King of pop, a set of five Micheal Jackson paintings

Hello! Well, I've been on a brief hiatus lately, but I decided to return today with a minor update while I work on my meshing skills, here are a set of 5 Micheal Jackson paintings done by request, cloned from the pinup painting that came with Late Night and that weird kiddie dragon picture that came with Generations, I apologize in advance if some of you find a couple of the images, erm, disturbing, anyhoo, enjoy!

And the two paintings with MJ and kids were actual paintings that Micheal Jackson himself owned, the other two are lovely paintings by an artist(sorry I don't remember their name!)
And yeah, two of the paintings I consider to be total troll bait, LOL!



Oh, and the third "royal"painting also belonged to Micheal Jackson, ugh, it's a bad day for me!

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