Thursday, September 22, 2011

No blue and no squirrels allowed! Generations dresser and armoire minus stencils.

Ugh, why does EA goof up perfectly lovely furniture with stupid stencils? I fell in love with the armoire and dresser that came with Generations, the only problem I had was with the stencils(blue?!!? Blue?!!!? I can understand the squirrel a little bit, but blue lines?!!? Seriously?!!?)Anyhoo, it was a simple fix, I made these cloned objects so they wouldn't replace any existing object/texture in the game, now you can have both.

I know most everyone probably likes the squirrel stencil, but I personally hate it, that little squirrel has haunted me since Generations was released.(LOL!)

I hope everyone enjoys these and freely uses them in uploaded lots, the armoire would be great in an older home.

Both package and Sims3pack in each RAR.




  1. Bless you for removing those stencils.
    Now the dresser and armoire are usable!